Latest Projects

The Classic West Festival – Dodger Stadium

Supporting all backstage production and dressing room IT needs, Road WiFi supplied multiple Point to Point links, full backstage parking lot WiFi coverage, hard wired connections to the touring artist production offices, multiple VoIP phones, support for Sirius XM live stream and much more.

Both headliners also carry Road WiFi touring systems. Always good to see our touring friends on site!

Fleetwood Mac’s Tour Rig

The brains of this operation. Our festival rig constantly evolves to meet the growing needs of modern festivals.

Beam me up, Scotty! One receives from the IT closet at the stadium, one shoots back to the stage, the other two hit remote locations in the far parking lots behind production for IATSE and Security headquarters.

This beam is shipping a 200Mb Spectrum connection over to the production compound and RW HQ.

Stage coverage