Latest Projects

Target Ultimate Family Festival

With short notice on confirmation, this pop up festival and store supported Target’s launch with Hunter Boots inside and next door to the Rose Bowl. Road WiFi was tasked with handling everything production side, inside the stadium and outside on the golf course where the actual event happened. We set up a Point to Point link for internet from the stadium down to the golf course and built out the network from there which handled all check in/ticketing, production, fed internet to the point of sale terminals in the store, and covered the entire site with WiFi.
See more about the event here

Point to Point gigabit backhaul link from the Rose Bowl over to production village backstage. 

Pop up Target retail store. Road WiFi ethernet and WiFi supported point of sale transactions. 

Wee little Nanobeam hidden on the truss next to the video wall providing long range connection to the Ticketing/Check in area.