so what's involved with this?

Road WiFi outperforms all consumer grade WiFi equipment. Our gear is enterprise grade, includes exceptional interference rejection, smart channel switching, automatic configuration of access points. Most consumer level gear can handle around 50 clients. Most tours easily surpass that number of users on the network daily, when you count every smartphone, laptop, and tablet. Road WiFi networks are good for over 200 clients, and can be configured to handle more for special events.


Our networks are highly customizable. We can program whatever network names and passwords you’d like into multiple networks to divide the staff into groups. This allows bandwidth and priority allocation, so football streaming Sunday doesn’t take down the entire production office.

Our systems use only one IP address from the house network, eliminating the possibility of conflicts with the venues existing network clients. This also separates your network from the rest of the house so your shared files and tunes dont show up on the house network.