Cordless and Conference Phones

Cordless and Conference Phones

The Spectralink 8440 cordless wifi phone is handy for situations when you need to walk out of
the room for a private call. Also great for artist dressing rooms. Important to keep in mind not
to roam too far from the case, as the farther you get, voice traffic can suffer. But does allow
more freedom than the desk phone. Comes with a charging cradle and spare battery.

The Polycom SoundStation conference phone is the top of the line in IP conferencing. It
sounds amazing. It’s advanced microphone technology allows people up to 12 feet away to be
heard crystal clear on the other end of the call. This unit is available only in a wired version,
but that ethernet cable can also power it up from the front of the Road WiFi case.

Setup of the Spectralink is simple, just power it on with the keypad of the phone and it will boot up and join the WiFi network. The charging cradle holds the phone and an extra battery, and plugs into power wherever you like.

Setup of the Polycom Conference phone is also easy. Remove the unit from the pelican, run the cable to the front of the Road WiFi case, and power it up using one of the Yellow ethernet ports on the network switch.

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